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The Sad Truth

March 20, 2010

Hey guys, I am sorry I have allowed my blog to lay dormant for so long without explanation or closure. It has been a great heaping bowl of chocolate covered fun to run this thing for the past months and I really appreciate you folks stopping by even though the postings were rather lean at times, but today marks the end of thenexttobestblogever kicking some other blog up to 2nd place. Perhaps some day this blog will live again but no one knows for sure (yes, that includes me).  Thanks again for all the good times.



Check out this site

February 12, 2010

Just type in a phrase in English and the site will translate into Japanese and back over and over.

I entered an example phrase to show you what I am talking about

The Timmy add

February 8, 2010

go check it out

My soap box, and artistic ability

January 12, 2010

Forgive me yall, I am about to complain publicly. And if you didn’t already guess from the picture I slapped together (although I do believe I did a great job of drawing a big mac, looks pretty real) I am gonna complain about Subway…   I mean McDonalds.

All I wanted was a cup of water cuz i forgot my bottle of water, And i decided before approaching the counter that I couldn’t feel right just asking for water, so I ordered a medium fry also. And the lady told me it would be $1.08 to add the CUP of water!!!  (there was no confusion she didn’t think I wanted bottled water she had the small cup already in her hand when she told me this) Did I mention I was already spending a buck sixty on fries!!! (That couldn’t cost them more than 10 cents to make) oh and I could have gotten a Large Dr. Pepper for the same price as the small cup the lady tried to hand me to fill with water. I was nice to the lady and simply said I would look elsewhere for my water and canceled my fries order, but I found this to be rather sad, especially since the sandwich shop in the B-Ham airport (Which I visited on my trip to California) gave me a cup of water free of charge and they probably rarely get repeat business and spend a WHOLE lot more money renting the space for their business.

Anyways, I’ll get off my soap box now and will not quit McDonald’s cuz of this…    Feel free to admire my art work, it is for sale and It is actually so good I don’t think a monkey could make the same thing, call me crazy but a lot of artists can not say that.

I Figure I should Stick out a few more pictures (What am I doing! This is starting to look like a real blog!)

December 10, 2009

This happened before I got there, and a ways up the coast.

Here is us guys and our mom. As you can tell George and Gabe are helping a lot.

Here is George and Me. He was glad I came all the way from the other side of the motherland.

And here is the awesome sky line.

A picture is Worth a thousand Words

December 9, 2009

Here is a great picture from my trip out to San Diego to meet my family. The guy you may not recognize is our friend Eric Poon. And yes it is real (the picture that is…   Well Eric is real too)

Here goes nothing

November 6, 2009

Well, I haven’t even told anybody about this blog yet so why am I making this post you ask. Because i don’t know what i am doing replies me. (Wow, referring to myself in the 3rd person already, things only up from here!)
Wish me luck