The Sad Truth

Hey guys, I am sorry I have allowed my blog to lay dormant for so long without explanation or closure. It has been a great heaping bowl of chocolate covered fun to run this thing for the past months and I really appreciate you folks stopping by even though the postings were rather lean at times, but today marks the end of thenexttobestblogever kicking some other blog up to 2nd place. Perhaps some day this blog will live again but no one knows for sure (yes, that includes me).  Thanks again for all the good times.



14 Responses to “The Sad Truth”

  1. Mother Says:

    I hope you will seriously consider starting again sometime. I actually got most of the jokes!

  2. BookSnob Says:

    Ack! We’ll miss you Clay!! Totally loved it, you did a good job.

  3. SweetTart Says:

    Awwww, much sadness. *sniff* We’ll miss you Clay!

  4. Wola Says:

    Dude??!! Tell me it ain’t so.

  5. tGbtg! Says:

    WHAT?! You CAN’T! Yours truly was the next to best blog ever! We had some good times. I’m gonna miss it. Oh well I understand.

  6. marryanna Says:

    BUT…BUT…I didn’t even get to say “HI!”!!!! Ok, here goes, HI! I’m MA.

  7. marryanna Says:

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I’m NOT a stalker. I know/am friends with BookSnob, SweetTart and Indy/skilletfan/Panhead/Fedoraman. So…HI! And now I shall say “farewell!” because apparently you are leaving…

  8. skilletfan Says:

    Oh Hi. Believe it or not I knew this was coming. Have fun at that evil colledge don’t let their wierdness get to you. HEY ONE OF THE STUNDENTS FROM THAT SCHOOL CALLED ME WEIRD. IKR well bye man maybe my blog can take you place. *tries to find ways to make it better* Hey FYI this is my address (for my blog of course)

  9. SweetTart Says:

    Indy-la, Ms. T’s blog has already taken over darling.

  10. BookSnob Says:

    =D ST, have you read The Uglies by Scott Westerfeild?

  11. MarryAnna Says:

    Indy dear, the recent comments on Ms. T’s blog are crazy…maybe you can help.

  12. skilletfan Says:


  13. MarryAnna Says:

    You were perfect! Now her blog is as good as it’s gonna get…maybe

  14. MarryAnna Says:

    Okay, maybe not. *crickets chirping in background*

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