Farside – Fifi


10 Responses to “Farside – Fifi”

  1. SweetTart Says:

    That’s cruel.

  2. BookSnob Says:

    I got stuck in our doggie door once… Good times.

    • SweetTart Says:

      You got STUCK in the DOGGY door?!?!?! LMHO!!!!!!

    • BookSnob Says:

      Yep, I was trying to call our dog because I had poured her dog food, and I was very ready to see her eat it. Logically, the dogs should be reached through the doggie door right? lol, I was sure I was going to die, stuck in the doggy door. As you can tell, I am out. I think…

  3. Clay Says:

    Call it cruel if you like, I found it funny.

  4. rebeccasclay Says:

    No, of course I would not do this to J-bird or Wolf or Max, I simply said I found it quite funny. I wasn’t trying to upset anyone with this post If someone was actually offended (excluding Fifi) please let me know and I will talk to you about it as long as you would like. This may not have been a great chick post and I didn’t really expect it to be. Hopefully no hard feelings all around, but this appeals to my sense of humor for better or for worse, its me.

    Ps. I have had a dog I just might would have done this to. He gave Gabe a permanent scar on his cheek and almost poked out Will’s eye, not to mention that he chewed on our house…

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