Far Side


10 Responses to “Far Side”

  1. SweetTart Says:


  2. skilletfan Says:

    That’s so dumb oh well nothing is perfect look at me for example if they showed a picture of me in the dictionary for perfect then the dictoinaries across the world would expload and kill millions. HMMM interesting concept

  3. SweetTart Says:

    AND….did you know if they live on hills, one pair of legs will be longer than the other?

  4. praiseHim Says:

    Are y’all being sarcastic? Tone of voice in typing. 😦 🙂

  5. skilletfan Says:

    Yeah sis fell for the one were they stand on a hill on pair of legs is longer than the other foe forever 8) for course it took me two years to get the big red truck joke ;(

  6. tGbtg! Says:

    LOL! Y’all are too funny! 🙂

  7. SweetTart Says:

    Um Rebecca, my daddy and mawmaw told me that years ago. And yes, I believed them. (And yes, I know better now.)

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