A picture is Worth a thousand Words

Here is a great picture from my trip out to San Diego to meet my family. The guy you may not recognize is our friend Eric Poon. And yes it is real (the picture that is…   Well Eric is real too)


13 Responses to “A picture is Worth a thousand Words”

  1. SweetTart Says:

    Is that the guy your brothers dragged to dance???? LOL, if it is I remeber him. (OMG, he’s not real???)

  2. SweetTart Says:

    P.S. Is that really how you spell the city??? I thought it was San Diego.

  3. BookSnob Says:

    Whoa! Superman’s other alias here! You have three guys on your back! Ok, what did you do???

  4. skilletfan Says:

    HAHA I wish I could do that. Carry four guys around like that.

  5. SweetTart Says:

    I liked the koala. A lot Better actually.

  6. BookSnob Says:

    lol, is it from G-Force?

  7. tGbtg! Says:

    LOL! Looks like you guys were having fun. I remember Eric, he came to WOL once and he came to Julia’s wedding.

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