An interesting new story

You know, policing can be a tiresome, thankless task — that’s why we weren’t all that surprised when Polk County’s finest were caught on camera at the scene of a Florida drug raid engaging in a reported nine hour Wii Sports competition. These investigators raided a home back in March on the lookout for drugs and stolen items — which they found, along with weapons and that infamous Nintendo game console. According to Polk County sheriff’s Chief of Staff Gary Hester, all of those involved “were all remorseful, upset with themselves, and apologetic,” except one officer who finally bowled a perfect game “It was totally worth it!” Was his remark.

In a simplified version, some cops raided a house and found a Nintendo Wii (along with some illegal stuff). They played the Wii for 9 hours (while still at the house they were raiding) and were fortunately/unfortunately (depending on who you are) cought in the act on camera. The head sheriff guy said, “Everyone involved was sorry for what they did”… except one guy who after playing for many hours finally bowled a perfect game, His remark was, “It was totally worth it!”


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