Something i never knew

This is not as mind blowing as the whole, “there are tabs at both the ends of every aluminum foil roll that keep it from coming out every time you use it” thing. However, it is pretty interesting…    to me. (with my luck you all already know).

Have you ever noticed when you go to search through Google that there is a “I’m feeling lucky” button? Every time i saw that till recently i assumed it had something to do with gambling or what ever. I was wrong.

GoogleThis button is actually for pressing instead of the search button after you enter words into the search bar. Pressing “I’m feeling lucky” takes you directly to the first web page that would have been shown in the list of pages in a usual search query. As i said before y’all probably already know this or use yahoo or something, but I still found it amazing that I have used Google for Idk three years or so without knowing this.


3 Responses to “Something i never knew”

  1. praiseHim Says:

    Wow, that is interesting. I had noticed that button and wondered what it was for!! I hadn’t dared to try it, though, hoping someone else would and let me know. lol.

  2. tGbtg! Says:

    I didn’t know that, cool.

  3. SweetTart Says:

    I thought it would pull up random links.

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